Angel Fund


Will the Angel Fund assist me with living expenses such as rent or mortgage, car payments, or electric bills?

The priority of the Angel Fund is assisting with medical expenses, while recognizing other expenses are also affected by the diagnosis of cancer. The Angel Fund strongly encourages all applicants meet with their Medical Case Manager or Case Coordinator to insure all other community resources are being utilized.

Are there other resources available to assist with these expenses?

Yes. The Medical Case Manager or Case Coordinator is aware of resources based upon your county of residence and the diagnosis of your child. For example, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the Families of Children with Cancer group can provide limited assistance to families.

Will the Angel Fund provide me with money in order to pick up prescriptions or necessary items at the pharmacy?

The Angel Fund will reimburse your expenses as long as you can provide proof of personal payments. This involves providing the receipt from the pharmacy and a copy of the method of payment, such as a canceled check or credit card statement.

Does my income have a negative effect on my chance for assistance?

No! Ultimately our decision to gift money to cover medical and other expenses is based solely on the request for assistance. Many families have a dramatic change in their financial situation once a child has been diagnosed with cancer. One or even both parents may need to temporarily or permanently leave employment to care for their sick child.

How do I know my information remains confidential?

The Angel Fund is bound by law and our ethical mission to keep all information confidential. No one but the Eligibility Committee of the Angel Fund will see your information. Rarely, information is shared anonymously with the Angel Fund Board if an executive decision about a gift needs to be made.

How are applications reviewed?

The Eligibility Committee of the Angel Fund meets monthly to review completed applications. The committee is made up of a variety of individuals who understand your needs. The committee is well suited to determine eligibility needs.

If you have any questions that are not answered above, please contact the Angel Fund Resource Coordinator.