Angel Fund

About Us


The Angel Fund was formed in 2003 with the desire to assist the families of children from Brown County diagnosed with cancer or bone marrow failure. The Angel Fund service area has expanded to all of Northeast Wisconsin and the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. The primary goal of the Angel Fund is to connect families to various community and national resources, and to provide financial support. The Angel Fund was a heartfelt idea from a local childhood cancer specialist whose dream it was to create a new local resource for children and families facing cancer or bone marrow failure in our community. He sees daily the emotional and financial strain facing these families. By creating a fund to help tackle some of these strains, the families would have less distractions and more energy to focus on their children.


The Angel Fund board is comprised of local professionals who specialize in various areas of business from our community and parents of children with cancer. Board members are volunteering their time, talents and knowledge to assist children and families coping with a potentially devastating life-changing illness. The board oversees the functions of the Angel Fund. The two primary functions of the Angel Fund are providing resource information via the Resource Coordinator and granting of financial support.

Resource Coordinator

The diagnosis of cancer or bone marrow failure instantly alters life. The challenges can be immense and at times overwhelming. The Angel Fund has created the Resource Coordinator position, an innovative and unprecedented asset in Brown County. The Resource Coordinator can assist all families in locating local, regional and national medical, financial or social resources. Possible resources available include support groups, web sites and funding sources. The Resource Coordinator works with the family and child to assess their unique needs and concerns and then develops a plan to help meet those needs. This expertise is available to all children and their families at no charge, regardless of insurance, provider choice, network affiliation or family income. This service has proved to be invaluable to children and their families.

Board of Directors

Randy Connour
Cathy Dworak
Dave Haase
Dr. Jeffry Young


Aurora BayCare Medical Center
Bellin Health Hospital Center
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
St. Mary Hospital Medical Center
St. Vincent Hospital
UW-Madison Children's Hospital