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Become One of the Giving Angels.... Because of low overhead costs, 99% of your dollar goes directly to helping families within our community. The Angel Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization so all contributions are tax deductible.

Reasons To Donate

Each year in Northeast Wisconsin, 15-20 children are newly diagnosed with cancer. A child may receive treatment for up to four years in an attempt to cure the disease. Insurance may not cover all of the expenses accumulated during standard treatment of cancer or bone marrow failure. Participation in clinical trials, which frequently offer the child's best chance for a cure, are not always covered by health insurance and often times involve the additional cost of travel, hotel, food, lost wages, etc.

We ask you to help the children and families of Northeastern Wisconsin in their time of need. The Angel Fund is established and supported by members of the community, for members of the community. Your donation is an opportunity to help children fighting for their lives.

Be the extraordinary. Archangels are the leaders of all angels. Become an Archangel with a contribution of $10,000 or more.

Guardian Angel
Step up to do more for children facing cancer or bone marrow failure within our community with a $5,000 donation

Angel Halo
Earn your halo with a donation of $2,500

Angel Wings
Earn your wings with a donation of $1000

Become an Angel with a donation of $500

Your gift can make a profound difference today in the lives of children and their families in this community. Your gift will make an extraordinary impact on Katie, Sarah, Jose and all the children like them who are determined to beat their childhood cancer or bone marrow disorder. We invite your heartfelt support today.

To contribute contact:

The Angel Fund for Children with Cancer, Inc.
c/o Greater Green Bay Community Foundation
310 West Walnut, Suite 350
Green Bay, WI 54303-2734
Phone: 920-432-0800 Fax: 920-432-5577

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